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It does absolutely sound like you are living in an untenable situation right now and that would drive someone to feel suicidal. However, it doesn 8767 t have to be this way. Please call a domestic abuse hotline and GET YOUR AND YOUR CHILD OUT OF THERE. If you 8767 re not prepared to do it for yourself, then please, please do it for your son who does not deserve to live in that environment. There are people who will help you get out, find you shelter and help you get back on your feet. You and your son do not have to live like this.

Suicide Self-Assessment Scale – How Suicidal Are You

If you feel like you can 8767 t talk to your doctor or a counsellor, you can always call a helpline: http:///get-mental-illness-help/

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I 8767 m 65 my advice to the don 8767 t do it. Wait until life has left you no where else. You will go through many lives in one life, so wait before deciding you have time.

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If you just try, you will see. But you need to seek him earnestly. Because he is real and he has helped me. I am bypolar and i have been to the pychiaty hospital a couple of times for suicide attempts.

i 8767 m 68 and i dont know what to do anymore , my dad left when i was and said he hated me. i have been self harming ever since i was 9 and my mum just found out but she acts like nothing has happened. i 8767 m so scared of opening up because everyone always leaves and they get hurt. it 8767 s like i 8767 m screaming but no one can hear. i cant even hug people anymore because the cuts hurt where ive gone deep. girls at school saw my scars and started laughing calling me a freak , they would shove me into walls or stab pencils in my cuts. no one cares anymore they wouldnt even notice if i died

the silver lining is in recognising that if we are one of the 85% still alive, we 8767 re doing damned well! A reason to congratulate ourselves for being survivors.

I 8767 m somewhere between a four and seven on the scale. Depends on the day, really. Took the day off work today because I couldn 8767 t sleep last night and my inability to sleep had a lot to do with thinking about how I might kill myself.

Thank you so much for this. I thought it was normal to have thoughts of 8775 I want to die. 8776 It seems that it is not I thought I was 8775 OK 8776 because things are so much better than they were and I 8767 ve not planned 8775 properly 8776 / made arrangements for nearly a year. But it seems that this does not mean things are all right

I had a kitty die last year and it was very upsetting for my depression but I did get a new cat and I have to say, he 8767 s every bit as enchanting. There will be others, when you 8767 re ready. Animals are important for our happiness, I think.

The mother of my daughter has spoken to our case worker and requested the support to end. She 8767 s a nurse and makes a great income. Her husband also had a good job. They make about 6x of what I currently make. I do not see my child too often. She is 68 and the last thing she wants to do is spend time with family members, we 8767 re not cool enough.

Hi, am 67 about be 68 in a couple of months I have just found out when I was 69 that I had some medical problems. But what the twist is that the doctors told that I had them since I was 6 years old. And life keeps getting tougher because none of the doctors can 8767 t find out whats wrong. I 8767 m home bound and have no job. So, I keep thinking of committing suicide almost every day but don 8767 t know how to tell my parents.

hang in there.. i have had depression and know how painful it is.. and all the dark thoughts you get about harming yourself.. i have lost friends to suicide (they thought no one cared either) but in reality they were very much loved. and i see how there families and friends lives have all been changed for the worse.. they are always thought about daily.. and especially missed on holidays and family gatherings

I 8767 m thirteen years old and I 8767 m a level nine on this scale. I 8767 m worthless. I 8767 ve screwed up so many things in my life and everything has been set in motion the longer I hold on the further I fall. I know the voices in my head are telling me lies, and yet I believe every single one of those lies. The lies that I 8767 m not strong enough, not good enough. I don 8767 t want to die but I don 8767 t want to live either. Please help me I almost did do it this morning I 8767 m scared of myself.

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