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However, after Shadow finds out that Cosmo was a Metarex spy, he went after her in attempt to kill her before the Metarex finds out information about Sonic and his friends. Although he threatened Cosmo at first, he still showed some sign of remorse in the japanese version. When she asked why he tried to kill her, he replied that it's better for her if she does not find out, and told her to close her eyes right before he was about to finish her. But after Sonic and his friends found out what was going on with Cosmo, Shadow still did not trust Cosmo, and deemed Sonic and his friends as fools for trusting a spy.

Fire Shadow's Son Chapter 1: Prologue, a naruto fanfic

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Crouched at the foot of the memorial statues in the Valley of the End were two of his three students. One was distorted almost beyond recognition with gray skin, claws, long gray hair, and freakish wing-like webbed hands sprouting from his shoulder blades. The other was completely covered in demonic crimson chakra that formed a sort of armor in the silhouette of the fox monster he'd last seen thirteen years before, his eyes red and slitted, whisker marks wide and black on his cheeks, fangs bared, and claws flexing. The gray one had gathered a fistful of crackling lightning that spewed tainted black sparks. The fox-shrouded one cradled a swirling sphere of raw violet chakra that was edged in a red aura.

Shadow has a significant degree of physical strength as he could push back against one of Final Mova 's heads single handed. His body is also able to resist incredible punishment, such as being slammed into solid surfaces and even survive from being struck by powerful laser cannons or by Sonic's charged Spin Attack. By removing his Limiters from his wrists, Shadow can access his full power, which enhances his overall power so drastically that he can single-handedly destroy an entire Metarex fleet. However, using his full power for too long drains his stamina to the point where he will be rendered unconscious.

Shadow wears black ninja attire with his hood up and dons a mask, hiding his facial characteristics. In flashbacks he is sandy-haired, wearing a brown scarf and cloak over black clothes.

Molly had a great impact on Shadow. However, he acted annoyed and dissaproving to her at first, but she still tried to get along with him. Molly told him that he reminded her of a hero named ''The black wind''. However, Shadow was bothered as he didn't consider himself a hero.

When resting at an inn with Shadow in the party, there is a 55% chance of a dream sequence cutscene involving Shadow's past being triggered. Witnessing all dreams in the mobile/ Steam version earns the Road to Carnage achievement.

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