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I think that the death of Juliet and Romeo is tragically. But It wouldn t had happen if their families weren t fighting against each other. But it ain t only the parrents and families fault. If the priest hadn t gave Juliet the drug, Romeo wouldn t thought that Juliet was dead.

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Create a Poster advertising the Capulet ball or announcing the death of Romeo and Juliet. Include date / time, reasons, locations, and any other important information.

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I don t think it s just a tragic accident. I think that the ones who are responsible for their death are their families who keeps on fighting. If they would ve been friends the death would never happened. I think that the story is relevant today as well. I think that many people aren t able to live with the people they love because of religion or conflicts.

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From across the room, Romeo sees Juliet , and asks a servingman who she is. The servingman does not know. Romeo is transfixed Rosaline vanishes from his mind and he declares that he has never been in love until this moment. Moving through the crowd, Tybalt hears and recognizes Romeo&rsquo s voice. Realizing that there is a Montague present, Tybalt sends a servant to fetch his rapier. Capulet overhears Tybalt and reprimands him, telling him that Romeo is well regarded in Verona, and that he will not have the youth harmed at his feast. Tybalt protests, but Capulet scolds him until he agrees to keep the peace. As Capulet moves on, Tybalt vows that he will not let this indignity pass.

In William Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet , a long feud between the Montague and Capulet families disrupts the city of Verona and causes tragic results for Romeo and Juliet. Revenge, love, and a secret marriage force the star-crossed lovers to grow up quickly and fate causes them to commit suicide in despair. Contrast and conflict are running themes throughout Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet one of the Bard's most popular romantic tragedies.

It's important to discuss how teens can manage romance and conflict in their daily lives. Suicide is a serious topic and should be addressed with your class. Create an open discussion in which the class can share their ideas on the topic, or have the students write a paragraph on whether suicide is an acceptable decision.

That night, at the party, Romeo meets Juliet, and they fall in love at first sight. However, Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, recognises Romeo, knows he is from the Montague family – and wants to kill him. Romeo hides in the garden, and talks to Juliet when she appears on her balcony. They realise that they are perfect for each other, and decide to get married. The next day, they go to a priest called Friar Lawrence, who marries them in secret.

The story of Romeo and Juliet takes place in Verona in Italy. Two families, the Montagues and the Capulets, hate each other so much that they fight on the street whenever they meet.

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