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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 05:32

And although Reactionaries love to talk about race, in the end race is nothing more than a particularly strong and obvious taboo. There are taboos in history, too, and in economics, and in political science, and although they 8767 re less obvious and interesting they still mean you need this same skepticism when parsing results from these fields. 8775 But every legitimate scientist disagrees with this particular Reactionary belief! 8776 should be said with the same intonation as 8775 But every legitimate archbishop disagrees with this particular heresy. 8776

Chapter 4 Homo Economicus Versus Homo Iuridicus - Springer

I think I 8767 m a reactionary now. Seriously.
I 8767 ve always avoided reading them because, well, they 8767 re honestly pretty hard to stomach. But your response is going to have to be pretty good to convince me that any of these critiques of modern leftism are off the mark.

Describe How Plea Bargaining Reflects Or Thwarts The Crime

8775 The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern
Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. 8776

Reactionary Philosophy In An Enormous, Planet-Sized

I note there 8767 s also been a big increase in the deaths by gun after 6995. Says though doesn 8767 t show guns have become much more widely available.

Pity the poor appellate judge. All alone, she sits in her chambers with just her clerks, law books, and the cold, bleak trial record for company. No witness’s testimony to hear. No defendant’s demeanor to observe. How is she supposed to determine what is—or is not—a reasonable sentence? How can she ascertain whether the sentencing judge honored the command of the remedial majority in United States v. Booker and "consider[ed]" the myriad of potentially conflicting goals established by th…

In Perez v. Mortgage Bankers, the Supreme Court struck down a rule of administrative common law on the grounds that it was inconsistent with the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). But instead of simply respecting Congress’s deliberate choices, the Court continues to weigh policy considerations. The Court shows no sign of relinquishing its self-appointed position as arbiter of what is good and bad, wise and unwise in administrative law. This Essay argues that the Court should tak…

I have lots of problems I could point out, but it seems superfluous to probably repeat many of the point you 8767 ll be making in your own post criticizing reactionary thought.

In this typical situation, the prosecutor has all the advantages. He knows a lot about the case (and, as noted, probably feels more confident about it than he should, since he has only heard from one side), whereas the defense lawyer knows very little. Furthermore, the prosecutor controls the decision to charge the defendant with a crime. Indeed, the law of every US jurisdiction leaves this to the prosecutor&rsquo s unfettered discretion and both the prosecutor and the defense lawyer know that the grand jury, which typically will hear from one side only, is highly likely to approve any charge the prosecutor recommends.

Professors Curtis Bradley and Mitu Gulati have written a rich and interesting paper with a bold conclusion supported by historical and normative arguments. I find myself unpersuaded by either set of arguments. Most of my comments concern their reading of the historical sources, which they use to show both that the Default View was indeed the traditional doctrine of customary international law (CIL) and that the Mandatory View carries a disagreeable colonialist legacy. I criticize the former argu…

The other point is regarding lower divorce rates in more traditional marriages, etc. Another reason there might be higher divorce rates in families where both parents work might be similar to why celebrities seem to get divorced so often: Both parties can afford this. Compare this to the model where one partner doesn 8767 t work and it becomes tricky, because said partner is now solely dependent on the other 8767 s money. Another topic worth looking at is the social stigma with divorce, which might be greater in some groups vs. others.

Moldbug claims that Fnargl 8767 s government would not only be better than that of a less powerful human dictator like Mao, but that it would be literally better than the government we have today. Many real countries do restrict free speech or torture dissidents. And if you 8767 re a libertarian, Fnargl 8767 s 8775 if it doesn 8767 t disrupt gold production, I 8767 m okay with it 8776 line is a dream come true.

In Irreparable Benefits, Douglas Lichtman argues that when courts consider granting preliminary relief, they should account not only for irreparable harms but also for irreparable benefits. He reasons that gains accrued during trial to a litigating party who wins at the preliminary stage but eventually loses on the merits (the “Temporary Winner”) have undesirable distributional and incentive effects. Despite the appeal of Lichtman’s claim, I want to suggest some qualifications to it. First…

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