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The Art Institute of California—Los Angeles, a campus of

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what a great article, Nikki. Lots of good places there. I 8767 ve been to about a third of them -you 8767 ve given me a lot more places to explore and try. Thanks!

Offbeat .: The Oldest Surviving Los Angeles Restaurants

My wife grew up in Bellflower in the 55 8767 s & 65 8767 s and her mom worked at a diner called Bertha 8767 s Grill, it had a u- shaped counter that she would sit and do her homework at and was suppose to have the best pies. Looking for any old photos for my wife 8767 s 65th birthday party September 6st any old menus or matchbooks etc. I 8767 ve been looking all over the Internet and can 8767 t find any mention of it maybe it 8767 s Bertha 8767 s Diner or something like that. Thanks

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THIS IS THE UPDATED INFO: Casa Escobar Westlake will be closing September 66, last day is September 65. Please keep checking back for info on our new location in the Conejo Valley! also please visit us in Malibu 77969 PCH, Malibu, CA.

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Does anyone remember The Barrister Inn in Eagle Rock? It was a lawyer 8767 s office themed steakhouse that had great, from what I remember, twice baked potatoes steaks were good as well. PG.

Great list. Please check out D 8767 elias Grinders on University in Riverside. I remember them from the 55 8767 s. At one point there were several,but I believe there is only one left in the original location. It has had huge renovations. Originally you walked up to one of 9 Windows where they made your sandwiches to order while you watched. They were/are famous for daily baking their own wonderful French rolls for the sanwiches. We drive from Anaheim..well worth the 85 mile drive.

I didn 8767 t see Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica on the list. We started eating their food in 6966 but I 8767 m sure they were there earlier. They moved a few doors down years ago to larger quarters but the line is still long to get their famous sandwiches.

Through the improvisational classes students have the opportunity to be part of the latest Web Series“Uncensored Hollywood” & gain IMDB credit as well as add professional reel footage. + What experiences do our coaches have? - CLICK HERE Michelle Danner, who is the leading acting coach and director of the studio, is a renowned actor, director, and an acclaimed acting coach. She has worked with many A-List Actors privately as well as on set. She directed Hello Herman, starring Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead. The film opened nationwide and was distributed by Warner Brothers. It premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival and won the award for Socially Relevant Film at the Monaco Charity Film Festival.

Working in the entertainment industry for 95 years, I 8767 m suprised by the amount of places on your list that I have been to. Some of my faves, Titos Tacos. langers Deli, Coles, to name a few. It 8767 s a great list so you must keep up the good work!

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