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"Choose a poet who reflects on the idea of change. Show how the poet explores the subject in one or more of his/her poems, and explain to what extent your appreciation of the subject is deepened."

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The men and women were greatly different in the book The Godfather. The men, as it is so clearly obvious were always in action, where as the women never concerned themselves with the mens work. Business was never to be discussed with the women of the family, and the women were never suppose to ask. 

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Friends of the Corleone family and especially the Don himself, showed their respect to the all powerful man in many ways, most by asking the Don if he would be the Godfather to their son or daughter. The Dons wife would also be asked to be the Godmother of their child. The Don had many Godchildren, all whom which he cared for and helped when they requested him. 

What did it mean to be a Godfather and a Don, what was the big importance of his being? The Don was no ordinary man, he was very respectful and recieved the same respect back from his family and friends. The Don would never go back on his word, if he promised you something he would do everything in his power to get it for you.

Analysis of Raymond Carver's Short Stories 'Mine' & 'Little Things' The word genre is derived from the French word kind or class. Genre is a term.

Far down at the foot of his bed was a familiar shape and Woltz struggled up on his elbos to get a clearer look. It had been the shape of a horse's head (Puzo65).

Compare and Contrast The Great Gatsby with the American Dream. Discuss how Gatsby's extravagances compare to the American Dream's ideals. There is no strict definition of.

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Due to all of this power that the person extrudes to people looking in, outsiders see this person or persons as a safety someone who could protect them, if the proper favor was done in the place, of the protection the high power is giving them. This builds the Underboss or in this case the Don to a higher power, the power of respect. 

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Obviously, this doesn’t give you a lot of time to actually write your paragraphs. This will force you to be straight to the point (if you are someone who waffles, then the short writing time is a blessing in disguise). Keep your sentences short when you are writing. This will help you to be direct, and to keep you focused on the question at hand. Try reading past essays out loud to yourself, and seeing where the sentences are too long.

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When you turned your back on your business, you turned your back on the whole family. And thats just what Paulie Gatto, a button man in the business, did to the Corleone family. This almost cause the death of the great Don Vito Corleone.

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