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Question: I have read your introduction on your Q & A page. It
seems to me as if the competitors in the Olympics were
performing their skill for fun and not for a prize,
since the only prize was a wreath of olive leaves, a
very commonn thing. Is this th proper conclusion?
Does this signify the Greek way of life in that they
appreciated everyone 8767 s talents and not physical

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Answer: There were judges that strictly enforced the rules. Rule breakers
were punished or excluded from competition. We know from what was prosecuted
that bribing officials and atheletes was done because of the records of

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Answer: No. The Romans conquered Greece in 699 BCE, but the Olympics did not
end until 898 AD because the Romans wanted to end all non-Christian activities.

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Answer: Many oxen destined for an oxroast were initially sacrificed to Zeus.
But his is like saying that when we thank God for the blessing for our food
that the food was provided for God. In most cases the Greek sacrifice of
an animal was no different than our sending an animal to a butcher. After the sacrifice the meat of the animal was roasted and served up to a feast. Roast meat was a common food at festivals but much less common is a daily diet.

Answer: The Ancient Greeks did like to include architecture in their
drawings so I cannot find any pictures like you request. But there are
remains to stimulate your imagination:

As I mentioned earlier that co-curricular activities mean outclass activities, here I mean outclass especially as a beautiful term for explaining my present topic. I meant to say out of class which is not directly the matter of our syllabus and courses but it’s very helpful for our nation’s future and that is our student of the day.

Answer: Answer: The original idea may have come from a Spring fertility festival where the king and queen of the festival was determined by having two footraces, one for men and the other for women. The Ancient Greeks believed athletic contests were appropriate events at religioyus festivals. The word 8766 Olympia 8767 may be of Indo-European origin. It may mean 8766 destroyer of love 8767 from Indo European 8766 ol-(e-) 8767 , 8766 to destroy 8776 and 8766 leubh- 8766 , 8766 to love, like, care for 8767

Question: I need for a presentation the pictures and any other info on the 9 different
Cotinus used to award the winners in the 9 major games (ie the Olympic, Pythian,
Isthmian, and Nemean Games).

Answer: The torch relay in ancient Greece known as 8775 lampadiodromia 8776 from the word 8775 lampas 8776 (torch), was at once a religious ritual and an athletic event.
The end of the race was always an altar.

Answer: 576 . Race In Amour, city of victor: Pellene, victor: Phanas
575 . Race In Amour, city of victor: Heraia, victor: Damaretos
(or Demaretos)

Answer: The discus throw was part of an olympic event, the pentathalon. The sculpture probably celebrates the Olympics but the motive of the sculptor is not known. It is referenced in ancient times but the original by myron is lost. What exists are Roman copies.

Answer: A bard is a person who composes and memorizes poetry with the
intention of reciting it to tell stories about the culture in which he
resides. Often this poetry is sung at a dinner party for entertainment.
Often the bard is itinerant so as to carry his stories around the community. 8766 bard 8767 is actually a Welsh term. It is related to the English word 8766 grace 8767 . Greek has no corresponding word. Aristotle discusses the difficuties at Aristot. Poet. 6997b. In Greek there is the word 8766 ἐλεγειοποιός 8767 which means 8766 elegiac poet 8767

Second Day: The contests for youths, with the following order: Stadium length sprint, wrestling, boxing, pentathlon (but it is said that this took place only once during the 87th Olympiad), the pankration and the horse race (though such an event did not exist).

Answer: Ancient woman were involved in some very demanding work. Carrying
water for the family could be demanding. Washing by hand could be demanding.
Grinding grain could be demanding. On the lighter side festivals could be
strenuous with dancing and footraces.

Answer: 8766 παλαίστρα 8767 8766 palaestra 8767 this is a wrestling school. 8766 γυμνάσιον 8767 8766 gymnasium 8767 this is a gymnastic school for learning bodily exercises. The name of the gymnasium is derived from the greek word for naked and since the idea of nakedness of athletes is most associated with the Olympics it may be associated with this festival. But just as the events at the Olympics expanded with time the topics covered at the gymnasium expanded with time. Even so both institutions are associated with moral development as the following quotes indicate:

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