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Date of publication: 2017-09-04 05:32

When I visit the forums frequented by the acolytes of Progress, I see a sizable minority nailing protests to his church-doors. A far more inviolate assumption seems to be the belief in economic growth. To many progressives, moving beyond Earth seems no more than an answer to the question of how the economy can grow indefinitely on a finite planet. That the problem lies with the 8766 grow indefinitely 8767 rather than the 8766 finite planet 8767 is the kind of rethinking I hope comes out of an age of the unicorn. But of course, that is just a starting point if how to live well within our means is an easy first question, why we 8767 re so bad at finding an answer may be a worthy second.


It 8767 s an issue that 8767 s come up here before, in various comments. 8775 If you approve of manual labor, then you must be welcoming the return of slavery, right? 8776 Of course not! Time after time, we 8767 re invited to review the technologies and institutions of the low-energy past, and preserve the ones which make sense for our low-energy future. The alternative is to expect high-energy technologies to just keep working when energy becomes scarce.

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8775 The important thing is that during this unprophesied mystery age of grace, any sinner who believes that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose again is completely justified from all things and saved to spend eternity with Christ in heaven 8767 s glory. Make haste to accept God 8767 s free gift while the age of grace lasts the hour is late and our rapture draws near, after which Israel 8767 s law gospel will return and salvation will come with a price tag again keeping the Law. 8776

Men Unlike Gods - Ecosophia

Michel Abi Raad, stop accusing everybody of 8775 [i]ignoring the evidence[/i]. 8776 Nobody is ignoring the evidence. The evidence simply does not substantiate your claims. The so-called 8775 evidence 8776 is not credible and it can quite easily be debunked. I think [b]it 8767 s time for *YOU* to stop ignoring the COUNTER ARGUMENTS[/b]. Even New Testament and Biblical scholars who are also professed Christians disagree with you:

Regarding pre-Christian myths (Ann Groa: I find your remark interesting that the Wild Hunt might not be pre-Christian, even if Wotan clearly is), I have just read an account of what seems another interesting interaction of a pre-existing belief with Christianity in Europe,. Ronald Hutton has a book out: 8766 The Witch: A History of Fear from Ancient Times to the Present 8767 . Hutton actually roams world wide in his history. Kathryn Hughes in a Guardian review mentions that fear of the bad side of the craft is not found so much among nomads, nor curiously in Christianized Europe on the Celtic fringe where there are fairies. Free-floating anxiety (genuine causes in uncertain times) is not it seems projected onto witch women in those areas..

We find all this comeing out now ? As we the world are in dire straights. well this just proves to me how the bible is spot on, just like john of patmos said.
The and its hench men will be baying after christians next.
Maybe you are just repeating a story for a zionist/iluminati cause.
I will stick with YOU ASK. BECAUSE I WANT HIM TO BE KING which he will be because i know he is real 7 near deaths under my belt and one of them was bad cold dark stone age dark.

My son will tell you that the only reason you 8767 ve never seen a Unicorn is because they disguise themselves as a simple white mare. He suspects that the old white horse down the road is hiding something

See.. angry jew the HOLY SPIRIT will rain down upon the inhabitants of the world in the coming years..those whose names are written in the BOOK OF LIFE patiently await tribulation, relaxed. We don 8767 t have cares like you do about earthly possessions as we trust that God knows what we need before we even ask. HIS WILL BE DONE!

The Essenic community at Qumram may have been such a school arising from the Jewish tradition. At the time in Palestine were groups known as Gnostics, who also had their cosmologies and ritual practices. Perhaps Christianity is an amalgam of some of these traditions, over or underlaid by Paul 8767 s mystical revelation on the road to Damascas. Perhaps the florecence of Spiritual Ideas a that time when the Jewish tribes were wrestling with nationhood and Roman domination gave rise to the need to bring the messiah figure to personification.

Semantics. What 8767 s the difference? He said one thing 588 did another. Often. When we do that it 8767 s called not living up to your word, dishonesty, lying 588 lots of other things. Furthermore

Why does the speaker in Psalms mention his “folly” and his “wrongs” if, according to John , John , Romans , and John , this is Jesus?

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