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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 19:43

Serrano Intermediate School, Saddleback Valley Unified School District
Teachers at Serrano developed an annual satisfaction survey for parents. Results from the surveys have alerted the school staff members to many safety concerns. For example, parents alerted the staff to safety concerns in the parking lot and on surrounding streets. Additionally, a student survey gives the faculty regular feedback that helps teachers to monitor the school climate.

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By identifying the special need child and having an emergency plan in place, the school is ensuring that every child can accelerate. After all, this is the goal of education developing our people.

Healthy Schools

Professional Development : The Florida Board of Nursing requires all registered nurses to attend education courses in HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, medical errors prevention and other practice related courses totaling a minimum of 79 contact hours for registered nursing license renewal biennially. While it is not required, the Department of Health School Health Program encourages national school nurse certification and when funding is available, provides training to assist nurses in fulfilling this recommendation.

Student-to-Nurse Ratio : No specific policy however RSA 755:79 allows each school board to appoint a registered professional nurse currently registered in the state to function in the school health program.

Much is known about the far-reaching influences of poverty on a student's learning. An understanding of these factors provides invaluable knowledge to educators in their efforts to support and teach students who live in poverty. Like HP/HP schools, every school that enrolls such children must seek to acquire as much understanding as possible about the life circumstances of their students.

I love my advisory—it gives me a chance to keep track of where I am and know what is important for me to be doing. [My advisor is] also great to talk to … she cares about me. —66th grade student in the Northwest

Mobility. Poverty often places another kind of constraint on families—the ability to provide stable housing. Students often move from one location to another because their parents are in search of work or are dealing with other issues that require them to move. Frequent moves almost always have a negative academic and social impact on students.

Healthy kids have higher attendance rates, higher test scores and behave better in class. More than 86,555 schools nationwide are using our Healthy Schools Program to make this the norm.

We had to figure out how to make sure that the family understood what we were trying to do. The telephone was disconnected, translated letters mailed home yielded no response, and notes sent through the student didn't work either. Two attempts to drive by the apartment and knock on the door found no one home. Finally, we reached them through a neighborhood connection one of our paraprofessionals had with the family. We had our conference in the community building at their apartment complex. It went great! —Middle school teacher, HP/HP school in the South

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