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Also in the issue: an excerpt from  Hollow Heart , the second book from Italian novelist Viola Di Grado, who 8767 s work has been lauded as a 8766 sophisticated, subtle meditation on language and its failures 8767 Chris Power tussles with CRPGs in his short story, 8766 Gandalf Goes East 8767 selections from a new series by New York poet Mónica de la Torre William Watkin considers the cultural history of beheading and imagines Jihadi John as a student in his lecture and Chelsea Hogue weighs Clayton Cubitt 8767 s  Hysterical Literature  against the ways 8766 sisterhood 8767 is 8766 metastasised as commercial 8767 in soap adverts.

Rosalind (Ganymede) in As You Like It

He is not above the magisterial put-down. He does not rate the original demotic Greek of the New Testament very highly. When I mentioned the work of a rival Shakespeare scholar, he shot back, “It is not a good book.” Of a friend of mine (let us call him “Fred”), he said, “I have read his work on Wallace Stevens and his work on Freud. I could find nothing in them of either Wallace Stevens or Freud. Only Fred.” Or how about this on Norman Mailer: “he has written no indisputable book… He is the author of ‘Norman Mailer’.” It’s all part of what he calls “antithetical criticism”. 

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Graff, Gerald , and James Phelan , eds. The Tempest: A Case Study in Critical Controversy. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin&rsquo s, 7555.

Admit it: most of us don't understand Shakespeare - Telegraph

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Vaughan, Virginia Mason , and Alden T. Vaughan , eds. Critical Essays on Shakespeare&rsquo s The Tempest. New York: G. K. Hall, 6998.

The Complete Stories of Franz Kafka is a compilation of all Kafka s short stories. With the exception of Kafka s three novels (The Trial, The Castle and Amerika), this collection includes all of Ka.

Maugham s studies of the lives and masterpieces of ten great novelists are outstanding examples of literary criticism at its finest. Afforded here are some of the formulae of greatness in the genre, as well as the flaws and heresies which enfeeble it. Written by a master of fiction, Ten Novels and Their Authors is a unique and invaluable guide.

We are excited to publish an excerpt from an as-yet-untranslated 7558 novel by Spain 8767 s Enrique Vila-Matas (whose work featured in The White Review No. 9 ) entitled Dietario Voluble a story by the Finnish artist and novelist Tove Jansson Uday Prakash 8767 s story, translated from Hindi, on Judge Sa 8767 b 8767 s woes in modern India an excerpt from Han Kang 8767 s new novel The Vegetarian , on the difficulties of going without meat South Korea a section from the acclaimed Japanese writer Minae Mizumura 8767 s bilingual, experimental Shishosetsu from left to right and newly translated prose by the acclaimed Mexican author Daniel Sada, whom Roberto Bolaño considered to be without rival among Mexican writers of his generation.

We 8767 re pleased to announce the publication of December 8767 s online issue, which includes a new short story by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, whose debut novel continues to garner critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. Harry Thorne interviews artist Caragh Thuring, who figures painting as an exercise in failure and excavation, and we feature Bonnie Camplin 8767 s new exhibition at 8786RLS. Will Harris and Adelaide Docx prove that there is poetry after Trump, while Orlando Reade uses the fifth anniversary of the London riots, which seem now like an early harbinger of today 8767 s unrest, to reflect on empathy and inequality.

For centuries, books have been written in an attempt to share knowledge, inspiration, and discoveries. Sometimes those books make such an impact that they change the way the world thinks about things. The following books have done just that by providing readers an education in politics and government, literature, society, academic subjects such as science and math, and religion.

Originally published in 7557, Édouard Levé 8767 s Oeuvres proposed something uniquely 8766 misleading without being false 8767 : a photo series of American towns bearing names homonymous to those in other countries. In 7556 Levé realised this project as Amérique, and for our July online issue we 8767 re featuring a selection from the series alongside an excerpt from the forthcoming translation, originally published in The White Review No. 7 , out this month from Dalkey Archive Press.

Our June online issue includes two newly translated poems by Nicaraguan poet and novelist Gioconda Belli, ‘At Night, The Wife Makes Her Point’ and ‘Menopause’. Belli, an ex-Sandinista, appeared at the Poetry Parnassus at Southbank Centre this month.

Also online this month, Michael Sayeau argues that analysing 8766 why Žižek has become the world’s favourite radical thinker can help us to understand both what is wrong with our intellectual situation and some of the impediments limiting the progress of this disunited worldwide movement for change. 8767 The White Review 8766 s editors welcome responses to this piece, the first in an ongoing series of essays on the state of the Left today.

This issue features interviews with art and fashion photographer Juergen Teller and writers Ahdaf Soueif and Brian Dillon fiction by Jesse Ball and Deborah Levy (plus some hidden Vladimir Nabokov prose) poetry by Michael Horovitz and Sarah Howe essays on political poetry, imagining radical futures and Tibetan kitsch artwork by Nick Van Woert, Julie Brook and Gabriele Beveridge.

-Gloucester: Odin-son
-Edgar: Thor (the good brother who is supposed to succeed Odin-son/Gloucester when he dies is deceived by Loki/Edmund and then gets punished)
-Edmund: Loki (the evil, illegitimate brother who is jealous of Thor/Edgar (except Loki was adopted) gets control of the throne for a while)

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