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Gun Facts - Debunking Gun Control Myths

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 12:05

Gun control only. Is for honest citizens, people who already follow the laws. If a person wants to commit a crime, they can find a way to illegally obtain a gun. Also, millions of people already have guns in the United States. How would we be able to recollect all the guns??

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You conflate taking up arms against a government of tyrants who abuse our system and succeeding in doing so and being allowed to do so. They are three separate issues. We have the right to guns. Period. In fact, we have the right to Arms not limited to guns. That 8767 s so we can protect and defend the Constitution if the government inhabitants don 8767 t. Obama 8767 s refusal to enforce immigration law, in contravention of his oath of office, is but one example of arbitrary interpretation and overreach which the Second Amendment was put in place to provide corrective action for in extreme cases. Tyrants do what they want. Citizens can stop that.

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Shooting the Bull serves two purposes. First, it catalogs the common canards of politicians and activists. Readers will recognize how they have been psychologically scammed by special interests and deceived by elected sycophants. The second purpose of Shooting the Bull is to document the deceits peddled by the gun control lobby.

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Conservatism is not per se an indicator of intelligence. But the basis of its beliefs mean that if you accept those beliefs as a foundation, then if you can think logically, you will come to a correct conclusion.

You know Police are always armed in the US, but still get killed by armed criminals on a regular basis. So, just relying on your own gun to keep you safe from bad guys is a risky bet at best.

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Honestly, I kinda hate our Founding Father 8767 s for putting those last four words at the end because of them, there 8767 s little we can do to curtail this ridiculous trend.

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So gun suicide is a 8775 distraction 8776 . Nevermind the fact that suicide by gun precludes any second chance. Nevermind the fact that most gun death is by suicide as per the CDC. It 8767 s not minute as you would have others believe.

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