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Let’s just have a quick look at the sentence. The verb ‘to get’ is among the simplest English verbs and can be used to describe nearly every action that involves change of shape and emotional state you just need to attach the corresponding adjective to it. And if you were struggling with the word ‘ irritated ’, then ‘nervous’ is definitely something you can use because it’s an international word. And of course, even beginning English learners would know words ‘money’ and ‘problems’ , so you definitely can use them with ease.

Linking Words for IELTS Speaking: Word List & Tips

Designed to help you pursue further academic studies in English, this course will strengthen your reading and writing skills. You’ll improve your grammar usage and build your vocabulary by exploring academic topics.

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A. Yes, I do. Firstly , it gives me a chance to relax. Secondly , I can catch up on their news. Last but not least , it allows me the opportunity to visit new places.

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You probably encounter more people in more situations than you realize.  So that means more opportunity to speak.  For example, you could ask a question to the grocery clerk or ask how she/he is doing.  You could ask about a product or the cost of something.  You could ask the hours that the store is open. You could talk to people in line.  Anything to give you practice with general English conversation.

Just like I told you , chances are that you actually know all English words to express yourself in any day-to-day situation it’s just that sometimes you come across a situation or concept that seemingly demands you to use more sophisticated means of expression.

Dear Simon,
Is it ok if I used the language was the most popular course chosen by females , while the most popular course for men was painting.. in the overview paragraph instead of the detailed p 6?

The English for Finance course is an intensive introduction to general financial and accounting English. This course is ideal if you plan to study finance-related subjects, and/or if you want to work in an English speaking environment. The English for Finance course focuses on the specialist vocabulary of finance and provides language practice for specific work situations. English for Finance gives you the English skills, vocabulary and language practice needed for working in, or studying finance in an English environment.

Find opportunities to chat.  You will use many literacy skills. This is a great way to practice listening and visual attention, speaking and comprehension.

And please pay attention to the fact that I didn 8767 t specifically mention correct grammar or sufficient vocabulary, it 8767 s all about the ease of communication, my friends!

You see – you can SAVE plenty of words just by saying ‘You let me down! 8767 And if you learn at least the most commonly used phrasal verbs (which are made up from words that you ALREADY know!) – you can give additional boost to your fluency!

You could be struggling with fluent speech because in real life (just try to analyze what happens when you speak your native language!) conversations are filled with plenty of filler phrases like ‘on the other hand’, ‘I’m not really sure, but I think…’, ‘as far as I know’ and similar. They ‘bind’ other bits of your talk together and will create the impression of real fluency.

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