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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 15:21

I am truly amazed at the number of signatures they accumulated over just a few days. There are hundreds of names. It makes you wonder what the career and personal consequences of not signing were:

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The reason that it is 8775 obviously true 8776 that one cannot logically reject racial self-identity while buying gender self-identity is because the conditions and arguments for both are the same. This necessarily means that what holds for race, religious, or cultural self-identity applies to gender self-identity, per Tuvel 8767 s own analysis (have you read the article?).

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You made allusions to being harmed by the existence of transgender women, but can you identify any actual, clear, direct, and significant harms? Your sensibilities about definitions aren 8767 t very compelling, and your appeal to your oppression as a cisgender woman pales in comparison to the violence, discrimination, etc. that transgender women face as a class.

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I fully understand Tuvel 8767 s point. I don 8767 t think she intends to destroy the gender industry, but as the reaction shows, her arguments are lethal.

8766 Trees are not trees because their properties necessarily make them trees, but because we see a set of properties that we have learned to attribute the concept of tree to. 8767

I agree completely. Most of the post election research shows that people voted for Trump for cultural reasons as a protest against such things they percieved as 8775 leftist 8776 or 8775 anti-white 8776 . It 8767 s amazing how quickly people have forgotten Kaepernick 8767 s anthem protests, Trans bathroom debates, and BLM protests and riots in several American cities.

When you say 8775 I AM a woman 8776 you are literally identifying yourself as a woman so, necessarily, you self-identify as a woman. Moreover, you have repeatedly ignored my observation that gender concepts are contingent upon time and cultures (and that sex itself is non-binary) they are tacitly conceded at this point. This alone disproves your claim that being female is essential to being a woman. It also proves that words and the concepts they signify lack fixed and singular meanings, and being offended over the essential nature of language is insensible and futile. I could end this here, but I 8767 m bored

This is a link to an article by an 8775 Indian 8776 woman who is tired of fighting 8775 the man 8776 and is concentrating on building indigenous culture in Canada. Perhaps this is what feminists and minorities should do. The author isn 8767 t proposing segregation, but a two-track strategy.

To be blunt, you sound angry. You say 8775 we 8776 don 8767 t need shit from 8775 you. 8776 I don 8767 t think you speak for even a single percentage of women. To state the obvious, the vast majority of men and women need each other and care about each other. I 8767 m sorry you feel like you are on the outside of that experience.

Your comment is otherwise sensible, even though I strongly disagree with you about Trump support, but why this superstitious reverence for 8766 what the founders intended 8767 ? To non-Americans like me this seems super odd, even though there were obviously many admirable things about the Founders (as well as some not-so-admirable ones obviously-but most of the things *distinctive* of them, relative to other western elites at the time were admirable.) Why think that what the founders intended back in a completely different world particularly tracks what would be good public policy in the US today?

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academic studies: science, maths and vocational studies: car repairing, cooking are important in secondary school. which is more important? which should be the focus? whats your opinion.

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