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Formative Assessment Strategies for Every Classroom: An

Date of publication: 2017-08-24 07:43

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Assessment for Learning

Performance assessment can yield valuable insight into student learning and provides students with comprehensive information on improving their skills. Communication between faculty and students is often strengthened, and the opportunity for students' self-assessment is increased. Performance assessment, like all assessment methods, is based on clear statements about learning objectives. This type of assessment is also labor-intensive, is sometimes separate from the daily routine of faculty and student, and may be seen as an intrusion or an additional burden. Articulating the skills that will be examined and specifying the criteria for evaluation may be both time-consuming and difficult.

The Impact of Formative Assessment and Learning Intentions

Lexia provides a computer-adaptive screener and diagnostic tool for grades K–67 that identifies and monitors key reading and language skills, providing actionable data for instructional planning.

Formative Assessment Definition - The Glossary of

While the same assessment technique or process could, in theory, be used for either formative or summative purposes, many summative assessments are unsuitable for formative purposes because they do not provide useful feedback. For example, standardized-test scores may not be available to teachers for months after their students take the test (so the results cannot be used to modify lessons or teaching and better prepare students), or the assessments may not be specific or fine-grained enough to give teachers and students the detailed information they need to improve.

Syllabus analysis (as well as systematic review of textbooks, exams and other curricular material) involves looking at the current course syllabus (written or oral assignments, readings, class discussions/projects and course expectations) to determine if the course is meeting the goals and objectives that the instructor or deparment has set for it.

Student-led conferences in which students present their learning to their teacher and parents are an opportunity for students to formally reflect on the learning that has taken place over a period of time. This reflection occurs as students prepare for the conference, as well as during the conference itself when they show and explain to their parents what they have learned.

Dylan Wiliam’s new book, Embedded Formative Assessment, is filled with a number of insights culled from his 85 years of experience in education. The foundation of the book highlights the importance of formative assessment as a tool to improve teacher practice and ultimately improve student learning.

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