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In other words, she was less that the 8775 perfect parent 8776 that we wanted to unquestionably but unconsciously as I and many have mistakenly assume. In other words, she was 8775 human. 8776

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Careful reading of the works of Alice Miller reveals this very dilemma within her from the beginning.  Early in her writings, in her three first books, each brilliant in its own right, she struggled with the concept of blame.  This is the most overt weakness of the books – and the window into their writer’s underlying pathology.  Although she spent countless hundreds of pages using both case examples and theory to delineate exactly how parents are totally to blame for the horrors their child experiences at their hands, she apparently did not build a strong enough case to convince herself that they were blameworthy.

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In my experience, people go deaf when they feel attacked. They don’t respond with an open-minded desire to learn. I imagine, given her life history and the fact that her theories are probably subject to constant criticism—at the same time that they are also praised by many—, she’s sensitive. Who wouldn’t be?

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Trying to explain my position on this has embarrassed me, it may be the line of thought that finally leads me to some introspective work. I keep trying to describe this idea of punishing as a prerequisite for abuse, and it keeps leading me back to repression and therapy. I shall try to follow this line of thought and see where it leads...

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He deserves kudos for bringing attention to Open Dialogue and its issues, but I learned enough here to avoid him on any other issue. Good thing if he 8767 s no longer doing therapy. Exactly the trouble with all therapy of any kind: These professionals are in a position to do real and terrible harm to vulnerable people with their personal views and their overconfidence in the veracity of their personal notions and opinions. Very scary.

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